how to make the words for a menu in a game with the @ symbol thing

Eek, its been ages since I did this.

Right, first you need a texture made:

There is a program to do it, but its complimacated. PM me if you want more fonts/me to search for the program.

Then, you:
1 open blender
2 add a plane and press F to enter uv map mode
3 add the texture to the face
4 press R a few times to rotate so the texture is the right way up
5 Scale down the mapping to just the @ symbol:
6 in editing (F9) / texture face turn on “Text” and “Add”
7 in realtime (F4) add a property called “Text” (case is important)
8 Set the value
9 Press play :wink:

I followed the instructions but what I get is multiple copies of image “@”.
For example, if I set the value to ‘123’ then I get three copies of half overlapping ‘@’, which is ‘@@@’.

Is there any way to display a property not named “Text,” or a property from another object?


No the property must be named Text. To show a property from another object, use a copy property actuator to get the Text property to be the same as the other property.

I get the same thing. Three @@@ symbols under two @@ symbols when “displaying” a heatlh of 100. Two @@ symbols under two @@ symbols when “displaying” a health of 99 and below. Weird. Is it because of the latest version of Blender?


Ahh!!! It happened to me too. Whats going on? It was fine when I last saved it but when I came back to it it only had @ symbols. I am using 2.25.

Edit: Odd…when I unpack the image it works fine.

There are 2 things going on I think

1 in 2.25 when you pack textures b4 writing an exe, the @ sometime appears and the text system doesnt work. Fix is to save blend file after packing then reopen all should be good.

2 I’ve noticed some odd behaviour in 2.37 with text on faces like the multiple numbers etc. In the end I appended a pre textured plane from a previous game(made in 2.25) and it all worked ok

Hope this helps

Dr S