Menus and highscores?

Hello how do I make menus and high score screens in blender?

This is an older tutorial, but hopefully it will help you with some of the basics:

To expand on the above tutorial, you can create different button images for the buttons states (i.e. mouse over, clicked, inactive, and normal). You can then do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Create a plane for each image and map the corresponding image to it. The normal plane goes on your menu layer, while the others can go on another. Then simply swap meshes depending on the button state via an ‘Edit Object’ actuator.
  2. Create a single image array of all four images. Create a python script that sets the button plane’s UV coordinates according to the current state. This the most easy and efficient way that I’ve found to do it.

To save high scores, you’ll need to write a python script that handles file reading and writing. I created a Python module that simplifies it, and also has particular functions geared toward parsing and accessing account information. Once your scores are written to a file, you can simply read the file to access the scores later.

pretty cool, but it doesn’t sh ow high scores, anybody know how to make it?