Mercedes A-Class

Hey guys,
here’s a render from a Mercedes A-Class which I’ve started with around a year ago.
Everything in the foreground is done in Blender. Post in Photoshop, Colorgrading with Magic Bullet Looks.
Feel free to criticize :wink:



Looks all fine from further away, but its hard to comment more as the render quality is so low. Something I am instantly able to see though is that left side of the car has burn white quite badly.

Anway you should really render this out with higher resolution and A LOT higher sample rate, currently image looks a bit blurry and really noisy! :frowning:

Thank you for your comment. I updated the image with 1500 samples. Tonight I will do another render with higher resolution and more samples.

More Samples, less burned out side.

A lot better! Looks good to me now :slight_smile:

nice job! like the mood of the image.