Mercedes AMG GT R

Hello guys!
Exterior and Interior Rendered In blender 2.79 using Cycles


wire frames?
what really sticks out to me is the matte finish along the top of the hood and fenders.
it looks like your masking a reflection.and the carbon fiber is way off.

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Do also explain what it is you did on this project and what it is you didn’t, because given the screenshots and very short explanation I’m assuming it’s a downloaded model so it’s only fair to credit the creator’s efforts on it as they have spent a massive amount of time on it. Just mention what it is you started from… there’s nothing wrong with starting from existing geometry, you just have to be clear about it so the feedback is also relevant to your work.

As Rick already requested wireframes (which is a logical question to ask) these won’t help you and your work as feedback on modeling is not what you’re probably after here.

As for feedback here are a few pointers:

  • Some of the scaling on your textures is too big, like the noise on the leather (most prominent on the steering wheel, dashboard and seats), the alcantara and that of the carbon-fiber on some of the interior pieces.
  • There’s a few objects without materials like those wheel connectors and their screws which should not be white.
  • Be cautious when using HDRI maps that depict an outside environment, when your car is sitting in a clean white indoor studio floor where you’d expect no houses to be seen in the reflections.
  • I think the glass-material could use some tweaking as it is not really working as expected.

The rubber on those wheels came out really nice.

ps: I’m only assuming because I know this exact model and its creator.


awesome work as always!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I really appreciate that thank you!

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Thanks bro

Thank you Stefan
I will work more next time to look better