Mercedes Benz 280SL 1969

In actual fact the car may be a medley of various similar models with my slightly inconsistent references. First car I’ve worked on, seems appropriate to build the one I wish to own. :cool:

Things that need work:
Body material
Tyre treads
Floor material
Indicator, rear and front light materials
Lighting setup
Headrest material
Windscreen reflection

Pointers are appreciated.


wow, really cool. looks great

Treads, rear lights, panel shaping and light contrasting have been worked on, headlights still need work though.The treads perhaps look like it is ready for off-roading, and I still am not satisfied with the lighting and surfacing on the body panels. I could use some guidance about where I am going wrong in reaching realism. :frowning:


Looks great so far, can’t wait to see where it goes next :smiley:

I’d say it’s the lighting. It might also help if you could render it from another angle. But it’s looking really nice already.

imho first image was much better (car paint/shader), and some different angels would be nice.
model isfine, just a matter of presentation