mercedes s class 2014 steering wheel material

hello, yesterday I made a steering wheel model and did all materials except this metallized one.

could you help me with this? just looking for base material, maybe some sugestions etc.

Supposing you are using Cycles just use a Glossy Shader and set the Roughness to about .1 or something.
In order to make it look good, you need either a complicated surrounding Scene, or an HDR Environment, otherwise it will always look rather flat.

Yeah im using Cycles, sorry. This is what I have now. And yeah, I think you are right about complicating The scene, thats might be a point of my problem.


This doesn’t look bad at all. Its just the lack of detailed Reflections.
Just download an HDR Environment Map somewhere, and use it as an Environment Texture. Then you should be doing o.k.

i dont have much free time but i did few details


Once you finish adding all the details (in the wheel and interior) it should look just fine in the render. If you wanted to do just the wheel by itself, then you’ll might have to worry about more detailed lighting/camera angle. But I wouldn’t worry about that too much until you finish the modelling.
Looks great btw.

Small update