Mercedes SLS

Second car I’ve finished in Blender

Lighting done via HDR + Backplate from Duron Automotive (link below).
Custom HDR created in HDR Light Studio (with livelink to Modo).
Backplate/camera matching done in fSpy.
Rendered with E-cycles.

I wanted to also try a compositing flow of combining backplate + shadowcatcher (separate renderlayer) + carrender, which actually worked quite straightforward.

More behind the scenes screenshots on:

The car-model is a commercial purchase. The HDR+Backplate you can download for free at


nice work! Always love a nice car render :slight_smile:

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So did you model the SLS as well or it was purchased for testing purposes?

Purchased a long time ago indeed (it’s the older model of the SLS), and now ported to Blender. I always state that somewhere in the post because I want to be clear about it :slight_smile:

On the McLaren Senna my focus was on Texturing, Lighting (+a flow to include HDR Light Studio) and getting introduced to Blender. Now it was on widening my range of options with Camera Matching, testing the pros and cons of using different Scenes and RenderLayers, Compositing (while including earlier renders using a switch-node), using/editing a Backplate+HDR, Tweaking render-settings.

In the next automotive piece I’ll focus on doing the background in CG as well and trying out different camera-angles, lighting-moods. That way I’ve tried a range of basic indoor to extended outdoor automotive shots. Following that production I want to do the entire scene in CG, so that would include the car-modeling (which I haven’t done for a decade so I need to plan some time for it and dust off those skills).

At the moment I’m doing a few architectural interiors-shots to update my portfolio as I’ve been away from doing 3D productions for a few years but I’m excited to get back in the game because I quite missed it.

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nice work !!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart, I appreciate that!

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