Merge By Distance Delete Vertices Instead Of Merging Them

Why when I go to Clean Up and Merge by Distance to get rid of doubles, Blender deletes the Vertices instead of merging them and my mesh goes back to its previous shape? Also the same thing happens with the Auto-Merge function. This only seems to happen while im in SubSurf Modifier? This is my first question on here so if I need to give any more info let me know.

Hi, Philip. Welcome to the Community.

A subdivision surface will have more vertices than the original “cage” mesh so some will be deleted when you merge vertices. When you merge two vertices, one of them is removed.

Ok, I see, so how do I keep the shape that want, because it reverts back to the shape I had before i created the loop cut that i need? Also when I use the auto-merge it just snaps back to the original shape when click it where I need it. Its doing this when I try to set my loop cuts vertices over the existing vertices. All this was working fine a couple projects ago so Im just wondering if I clicked or unclicked a box somewhere or something.

Why are you trying to merge vertices if you added some loop cuts to sharpen your subsurf? If you don’t want close loops but want to control how the subsurf looks, there is another technique of using Edge Creases.

I know shift e creates the edges but I spent time with loop cut before i learned that and got used to them and still feel I can control corner better with the,. but the main thing is they were working fine a couple projects ago so its bugging me

I tested it out and was a little surprised that the remove doubles doesn’t merge at center but instead uses other criteria to determine which vertex position is the merged one. If your loop cuts are too close together they will be merged. If you don’t want them merged don’t select those vertices before performing a Merge by Distance operation.