Merge vertices with array modifier

I was following this tutorial from BlenderCookie (with 2.62 though), and there is this artifact, that just does not work as expected. I modeled the rope out along the x-axis. The median of the left circles is exactly at x-location 0, and the most right exactly at 10. Therefore when applying an array modifier should easily merge the ends together. What I get however is a gap.

I have no idea why this happens or, how to fix this.
The blend file is attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



ropeCycles.blend (572 KB)

Move the array modifier above the subsurf modifier. The modifiers are applied top to bottom, you want to subsurf an array, not array a subsurfed object Then increase the merge distance value until the vertices merge.


Found the culprit: Obviously I did the extruding not exactly along the x-axis. While the difference between the left most and right most circles is exactly 10 units on the x axis, they do not line up on the y and z axis. This fixed, it matches perfectly.