Merging 2 meshes ??? :(

Hi there,

im a complete noob related to blender, i picked it up today in order to make myself a youtube intro.

Now ive created 4 3D Texts according to a youtube tutorial in order to have 2 outlined 3d texts. Ive made them into meshes via alt+c, now im having 4 meshes, i want to merge each 2 meshes into 1 mesh in order to have 2 meshes displaying the text.

Sorry, english is not my first language im from germany let me put an example here for u guys:

Mesh 1: TEXT1 (Purple, as an outline)
Mesh 2: TEXT1.2 (Red, as “Filling” for the purple outline)
Mesh 3: TEXT2 (same as text 1)
Mesh 4: TEXT2.1 (same as text 1.2)

Now ho do i merges those (1+1.2 and 2+2.1) in order to have 2 meshes?
Please reply asap, im really excited and i cant continue working before this is accomplished :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Ctrl + J merges mesh or separate objects into one mesh. Select the two you want to merge and press Ctrl + J.