Merging edges and faces

Hey there everyone! I can´t figure out how to do this. I want face 1 and face 2 to become one face however, I cannot place a cut on face 1 so I could merge vertices, no idea why and I have no idea how to merge two edges so they become one. Any tips how to handle this?

Posting a screenshot.


My suggestion:

Select the bottom edge on 1. Subdivide it. Now select the new vertex, and then the target vertex on 2 (at ?), then merge->at last. Now select the edge between 1 & 2 and x, dissolve edge. Now select all and remove doubles and recalculate normals for good measure.

Note. the vertex at ? looks like it might be connected to the underlying surface. That may not be such a great idea. You may want to rip that vertex (v) before doing the above.

This is what i´m getting when I subdivide the bottom edge, definitely not what I want.


I mean use the subdivide on the edge/specials menu/mesh tab.

Thanks! working now : )

Glad to hear it. You’re welcome!