Merging multiple vertices


If you have two edges that go side by side and you wanted to merge them at a specific point, and then you wanted all the vertices of those two edges beyond that point merged too, but everything behind that point to remain seperate like they were before, is there an easier way of doing this than clicking on vertices of each edge beyond the merge point and hitting merge first/last?


Please post of picture of what you are trying to achieve.

If you have a series of points in one plane, just select all on one side than translated to given Z coordinate. You do the same for lower sets of points. Than you just Remove Doubles. That is if your problem look like this:


Hmmm, not sure if the remove doubles is what i’m looking for, I tried it but I might have been using it wrong.

I created an image to better explain what i’m asking:

select the edges between each pair of vertices (you need to be in edge select mode to do this) then press ‘alt + m’ and choose the ‘collapse’ option

Thanks, that’s it :).