Merging Objects, but not as simple as you think

Hey, I just started messing around with Blender in the past week. I’ve made a model of a coffee cup, so I at least know how to do that much. I’m trying to merge a logo on the outside of the cup so it’s essentially embossed on the edge, but I’ve hit a roadblock. I can move the logo into the cup and make the outside appear how I want it to, but the back end of the logo goes through the cup (so the backside of the logo is IN the cup). I’ve tried selecting each individual point and deleting it, but it’s ridiculous trying to delete them without deleting some of the other faces on the front of the logo (outside the cup). There has to be an easier way to merge the logo and the cup so each overcrossing line makes a vertex. I’ve tried Ctrl + J, but that doesn’t make vertexes (sp?) at the crossing points. I’m not even sure if my explanation makes any sense to anyone else.

Okay so I have an emblem model I’m trying to put onto a coffee cup model. I’ve got the outside of the cup looking how I want,
but the emblem juts into the inside of the coffee cup. Is there a way to basically cut an object on a drawn line, where I can delete the faces, edges, and vertexes that protrude into the cup? Or maybe apply a bezier curve all down the Z axis of the emblem?
I’ve tried sculpting mode, but I’ve never messed with it before and it just screwed up the front as well.

Boolean: Difference and target is your cup. Then Ctrl+L select the part which is inside of the cup and delete those vertices.

download 2.69, use mesh bisect tool :slight_smile:

that will hack off the back faces.
add a curve and mold it around the cup so it fits nice and snug.
select your emblem again and add a curve modifier use the curve you just added as the target object.

there may be a little bit of tweaking involved but once your happy apply the modifier and delete the curve

I think your best bet is to use a bezier curve shaped to fit the cup, then use a curve modifier on the emblem with that bezier curve. Once the emblem is curved, you can apply the modifier, and sink the curved emblem slightly into the cup volume, then join the two meshes.

Make a solid cup. Use it to Boolean cut logo blackface. Then just [Ctrl][J] it to back face.