"Merging" two Armatures

Hi everybody

Im fairly new to this stuff, thus I need some help here

So I got this model which I rigged with bepuik (great tool btw!)
And I got an armature which came with the model. You know, where you can move the body part by part.
Now, bepuik doesnt support face rigging, but the armature which came with the model has a good face rigged.

Now my question is, how can I make the face armature follow the body mesh? Or perhaps face/hair?
If I move the body around (via the bepuik rig) the face armature wont follow (just stick on face or whatever). How can I make it that it follows the head whenever I move something else?
I dont want to leave the armature face floating around and then fiddle around sticking them togheter.
Joining (ctrl + j) both armatures will (as expected) pretty much cripple the entire rig/model, unless I have to change some settings?
Also parented pretty much every possible thing togheter but nothing happens

Hope you guys understand me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I’ve not used bepuik before, so I might not be 100% here…

On the rig that has the facial bones, most all the face bones should be children of the head bone. So with this rig, you should be able to delete everything but the head bone & facial bones. Now you should be able to join the 2 armatures. The head bone of the facial armature can be constrained to copy the loc/rot/scale of the bepuik armature’s head bone. That should pretty much get you working…

Ideally, all the facial rig bones, that are children of it’s head bone, should be children of the bepuik’s head bone, and the original head bone would not be needed. But I don’t know how that would work, as I don’t know the bepuik system works. AFAIK, bepuik is a fully body IK system. So if the facial bones become children of the bepuik’s head bone, will they be affected by the bepuik? Dunno…

Lots of little areas where things can go wrong in doing this. Example: when joining the two rigs, the bepuik rig must be selected first, then the facial rig selected next when joining. Also, look at the mesh’s modifiers, you most likely have an armature modifier on the mesh for the bepuik armature and one for the facial rig as well.

IMO, quite a complex undertaking, but it could be done if you understand rigging in blender…