Merging UVs from seperate meshes.

I’d like to know how to merge UV’s from seperate meshes. When i use ctrl J to join the meshes, the last active mesh UV’s overrided the Uv’s coming from the merged mesh.

Also I want the Uv’s to remain on the UV layout, in the posistion and scaling that they were when they were seperate items. I have a character broken down into 8ish parts. Each one has Uv’s and combined they would form a full texture sheet. If this is unclear I could post some pictures tonight.

I had two objects which were separately UV unwrapped and they kept both their UV layout when joined. Is this what you mean.


That’s the same concept. However I’m not sure why the one UV is overriding the other on mine. They wouldn’t overlap if combined. Maybe the order you join the meshes is important?

I think the issue was that in UV window, I had a texture assigned in the UV editor. Removing that texture allows the UVs to merge successfully.