My entry for a TurboSquid’s 3D art competition and theme “Lost at Sea”. A rule for a 3D composition was

“No extensive paintovers, 2D backplates, or effects (like bubbles or dust) should be created in Photoshop— these kinds of elements should be generated in 3D. Aside from the aforementioned tweaks, the scene must render as submitted”

I had a great time making this. My goal was to tell a story, what story? that’s on you to find out.
Scene contains: 2 788 432 polygons + tessellation on the ground, 40 000 dust particles, 60 000 scale particles on the mermaid, 9 000 hair particles, Volume scater, Volume absorption, SSS
render time: 17 hours on AMD FX6300. Blender 2.79.1, 400 samples + Denoiser

3rd party content used in the scene:
HDRI map - panorama.hdr (included in the substance painter)
Ground texture (

Also if you DON’T like this picture please tell reasons why :slight_smile: I’m looking for honest critique

That render looks like those disney movies. its mesmerizing. Only thing i want to change is her tail. It is getting blended with ground. give it some light or something.

Thanks. I may make the net more “destroyed” so the tail is more visible.

Technical think:
I had a problem with blender 2.79ish. This scene randomly crashed while rendering GPU or CPU even on a different computer, has anyone experienced crashing while rendering with volume scatter, volume absorption, SSS, and lots of particles? I can’t figure it out what specifically causing the problem so I can’t report it…

If you have rendered in earlier versions of 2.79 then it might be problem as it was in development stage. You can try with 2.78 which more stable. And it still depends on the scene and your computational power.

Great! How did you make volumetrics?

j1g4r: My problem is… it took 17 hours to render and 20 min to even start rendering so I can’t test every thing in the scene… and 2.78 wasn’t an option because I’ve needed the denoiser since I’ve used only 400 samples.

soul: It is just a Volume scatter and Volume absorption mixed in Add shader

This is a Raw render directly from blender