Merry Christmas, an Eevee-holiday card

Hello Blender community! Here’s a nordic Holiday Greeting card, animated and rendered in Eevee’s viewport. As a longtime (uninspired) 3ds Max user I got increasingly curious about Blender, and now finally gave it a go over the course of three weeks, trying to get my music video finished before Christmas. It’s based around Swedish writer Viktor Rydberg’s winter poem “Tomten” (The Gnome). Let me just say that I’m quite amazed by the power, looks and sheer fun of Blender compared to the old zombie-ware. A huge thanks to the community, and inpirators like Ian Hubert (thanks for the pigeons), Blender Guru (thanks for the non-tiling nodes), Jama Jurabaev, friends Anton Grandert, Carl Stenmark and Johannes Söderqvist for giving me the incentive to take the leap.

Other software used: Quixel, Zbrush, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Reality Capture, Daz3D and some purchased assets and Blender add-ons on top of that.

Wishing all of you safe and happy holidays!

Full video here: