Merry Christmas animation

Last Christmas my little nephews helped me make an animation for my family:
It was all done in Blender in one night. It’s just very basic animation, but it was pretty fun.

Hope you enjoy… and have a very Merry Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate.

Thank you Rob! And a Merry Christmas to you too.

love it! great job! merry christmas!

Yeah nice work,

i dint no in the beggining if it was actaully synced but then i saw it was, wow all that in one night? modelling rigging and animation?

awesome job, i realy liked it

That was cute.

I wish they had arms, but I enjoyed it. Good job and happy holidays to you.

one night??? dang!!! I couldnt do that in one night with 3-4 people lol

Holy! I totally love it. Simple moddelling, but very nice animated, and a great idea.

Thanks all.
Yup, one night… that’s why there’s no arms… and it’s very ‘loopy’
I tried to lip-sync the whole thing, but I ended up copy/pasting a LOT of keyframes in the end.


I like the ‘riff’ on the Snowman tutorial which is a bit of a ‘hello world’ project for many Blenderites!

It is cool^^.
That snowmans must cost so much time to animate, right?