Merry Christmas

In case something happens to me before the holiday. I wanted to say Merry Christmas. And have a happy new year. May God bless your Christmas and next year.

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Hm, accidantly get a wrong case at the airport and its full of White winter dreams, and now someone is after you?
Or you wanna try to sell it? :smiley: Dont to that, as newbie in the buisness you might get shot!

It’s my B12. The doctors pushed me back until after holidays, and the pharmacy will not give me the order.

Did i understand this right you have an life threating issue and the doctors refuse to cure/give meds to you?
Is this the stuff:
10 injections for < 10 $ or 180 pills for <20$ with the same B12 1.000 µg