Mesh & Boolean Results

When you take a static mesh you have created in Blender and perform Boolean operations on it (intersect/union/difference) it creates extra lines and faces on it. I can merge vertices/join faces to eliminate most of these to get to the smallest amount of quad faces, but is it worth the effort? I mean I’m going to have to triagulate everything before I export to ASE so I can import it into a game level editor. Does it make much difference to worry about this other than looking messy in edit mode?

Blender’s booleans have historically been a piece of crud and are not worth using for anything more then simple stuff.

You can try to use the bridge faces script to cut holes or you can search the python forum for the megabool script.

I’m actually using a specially shaped mesh to sort of slice and dice with the boolean functions. What I’m working on now is sort of a bunker with angled sides and opening for shooting around the sides. I’m now sure how else to do it since its a complex shape with some beveled edges. I’m trying to re-create a scale laser tag arena called Photon from blueprints using Blender (to help learn it) like I did years ago just using UnrealEd game editor BSP construction methods in the attached game level screenshot. Now they do everything detailed as Static Meshes. The rendering is the basic shape (from another angle) in Blender if you can relate the two. The sloping sides are all at 22.5 degrees using an angled mesh for boolean operations pivoted at the correct corner spots. Now to cut out the windowed areas and make the internal hub room