Mesh Bridge

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to download the mesh bridge add on. This is the official website.

The download button is not working for me. Does someone have an external download link?
I have searched for it for an half hour

Thanks in advance

Hi Nick. You don’t have to download it. Bridge is a part of Looptools, and Looptools comes with latest Blender versions. Go to your addons ( File > User Preferences > Addons ), then search for LoopTools. ( It’s under the mesh category under addons ). Click the checkbox to enable it, then be sure to click the " Save User Settings" button at the bottom of the User Preferences window to save it as your default. From then on Looptools ( and Bridge) should be at the top of your specials menu W in mesh edit mode. Hope this helps.

thank you so much :slight_smile: