Mesh context menu not appearing on right click?


I am using Blender on MAC!

Just started B and I am following a tutorial where they ask me to add a plane and then Switch to Edit mode. In edit mode they tell me to right click on the plane and the mesh context menu should pop up.

When I do this I only get the Face Context menu when I’m in Face select, the Edge context menu when I am in edge select and vertex context menu when I’m in vertex select … But no Mesh context select menu???

I am kind of stuck… I hope someone can help me …

Thank you so much

Those are the mesh context menus.
What is the tutorial asking you to do, and can you link to an example of this other ‘mesh’ context menu?

Hi Ben, see image below which is the tutorial and he gets the Mesh context menu… But I don’t get the “Mesh Context Menu” :man_shrugging:t2:

I get this menu:

The tutorial is trying to show me how to subdivide the plane we see in my images.

He says to hit “A” to select the plane and then He says to go in edit mode and right click on the plane and a “Mesh context menu” should appear.

Then he further goes on and says to select subdivide which should divide the plane in 4 from the middle of the plane.

Maybe someone else will correct me, but I don’t think that menu exists anymore.
The operators it lists should all be accessible through the new per element context menus.

It could be but
That’s strange the tutorial is in B2.8 version…

I just check the first official release of 2.8, and the context menu is still per element.
The tutorial may have been made during the 2.8 beta, in which case it’s author was quite irresponsible to do so. They’re probably not the only person to have done so unfortunately.

Just pay attention to the specific commands and look for them in the new context menus.

So Ben, then at this point in edit mode I can select any of the modes (Vertex, Edge or face) and then hit the right mouse button and select subdivide and it would do the same thing no matter what mode I would be in right?

I think I was in vertex and right clicked and then I clicked on subdivide and it worked. I dunno if that’s ok :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks so much for your help really appreciated!