mesh deform modifier

respected artists…

can any one help me to solve this problem?

I had made a mesh of human character, rigged it and added a mesh deform modifier in the following order in the modifier stack (from top to bottom as seen in the screen)
mesh deform

one thing I done was that the mesh deform modifier was made in such a way to influence the head vertex group only. the problem is that the mesh deform modifier shows unexpected results when root bone is translated in world space, i.e, if it is grabbed, rotated or done any thing the mesh deform modifier shows a wiered result
I tried alternative modifier positions in the modifier stack but failed to get the result as shown in the “advanced face rig” tutorial by respected Mr.DAVID WARD of blender cookie.

I shall be thankful if any one guide me to the right path…

Haven’t seen the tutorial and it’s best if you could post a file…

I assume the mesh deform mesh is moving when the root bone is moved? If so, make sure the mesh object, the armature object, and the mesh deform mesh object all share the same point of origin, scale & rotation.

If that doesn’t help, post a file…