mesh deforms when parented to rig :/

hi blender artists!
i’m working on this model:

when i parent my mesh to the rig, however, this happens:

then if i try to move the hand bone, this happens:

can you help me pleeeeeeeeease?
thanks, p

What option did you select wihen you parented?

try this in pose mode

Alt- R and Alt G to reset roation and loation!

shouls stop this thing hopefully

also it means that you avhe not finished doing your vertex group and weith painting also

so should complete your model and all theses bad behavior will disapear!

good luck

happy 2.5

thanks for your response.
someone at blenderunderground suggested weight painting and it seems to be working.
now my problem is getting the paintbrush into hard-to-reach vertices! :confused:
x panty

tx ricky
love the blender community :smiley: