Mesh dissappears when I enable Dyntopo. Can't see faces at all in edit mode.

I was in the middle of sculpting details into some columnar basalt when I started getting this problem. Every time I enable dyntopo in sculpt mode, the whole mesh just disappears. When I disable dyntopo it shows up again. This happens to every object. I was able to sculpt two of my columns without a problem before encountering this issue, and I can still turn on dyntopo when sculpting them without an issue.

I also can’t seem to enter edit mode on any of the objects that I’m having problems with. When I enter edit mode, I just see a wireframe even though wireframe view is not on. I can select verts in vertex select mode, but in face select mode I can’t see any faces. When I go back to object mode, the faces reappear.

None of these meshes have any modifiers on them.

Try and hit ALT+H in edit mode, hidden faces maybe? Just a shot.


I ended up just going back to a lower poly mesh and starting over. Here is a screenshot of the problem though. I’ll leave this up because I’m worried this will happen again.