Mesh does not look smooth when rendered

I hope somebody knows an answer, although not everybody can be a wizzard, I guess this
is a bug in blender, but I just try it.

When I fill up a mesh somehow, with F, when you render it, it still seems that normals are pointing all ways. I could also try to save it as an object file, remesh it, and put it through
another remesher (Topological modeler e.g.), but I don’t think it wll keep the shape of
the mesh, if possible.

I don’t know what I must say but I guess its difficult.



do you try recalculate outside? in edit mode,normal

do you have the smooth on for certain faces ?

Show a pic so we can see what the problem is ?

and berfore your ecalculate the normal
do a ctrl-A on the boject
that will reset all the normal


I also have calculated normals outside with CTRL-N, and I have smoothed all faces, or what
ever vertices, to make it smooth.

I just think it is a bug, so maybe it must be something with a script, or a totall remeshing.


set solid and look at it
may be ttry after that the edge split modifier
and see the results


i think it you uv that are not properly set…

I have found a tutorial, which is in my opinion abit advanced, but it will work;

I guess it will work after some rehearsal.

Thanks for the reply though.




I had a great solution, which I did before, I reduced the number of verices first, after that I made some cutting beside the edges on both sides and made it really narrow, there are
now no more strange edges on the surfaces.

Good luck.