Mesh explosion like in Cinima4D

I’ve written this script trying to copy Explosion deformator from Cinima4D. But my script is not deformator, it bakes simulation in absolute shapes keys.
And then you can get the simulation under control, but do not forget disable “relative” button at “shape” panel.

Script here!

This is only alpha! :o And has many bugs: ignoring UV coords, “bake frames” button is not work, etc.

I want to add feature for extruding each face before, and then mesh will be able to explose into many solid prisms, and also recalculation of UV coords.
Something else?

Say please! How can I improve this script?

Can you mirror the script ? the server is to busy… try

I’ve modified the link above! Now, this must work!

2kidb: What have you done with the script? It’s become larger and cannot be unpacked.

Something curios happened. File removed. untill you can find a real home for it please :smiley: I want to test it out

Something curios happened. File removed.[/quote]
I copied the file via the builtin “copy from remote” onto my webserver, and it copied instead of the file the contents of the website, but named it
Now I downloaded and put it manually in the folder. So it should work now.

tried it … ! Cool! Please keep adding to it, bake frames would be great to play with

Oh Wow :o
This script worked perfetly.I’m still experimenting with it but for what i see,it’s awesome.
Btw,i’m using it on Blender2.37.for some reason it doesnt work on 2.40,but thats ok,i’m happy with the results i’m getting.

Thanx,dont give up on this script…