Mesh Hair Intersection Artifacts and Strange Shadows

Hi all,

I would love it if someone could explain the artefacts and strange shadow in this blend file or if someone could suggest another way to do things so that these two things don’t occur. A lot of puzzling and googling isn’t getting me very far.

Clearly with the artefacts it is an intersection problem… but I sort of thought there should be a way to have meshes intersect without getting this. The dark shadow I can’t explain at all…

Thanks in advance!


Hmmm… not sure how to mark this solved but I eventually worked out most of my issues. To anyone reading this for a solution, I suggest:

Check you specular - alpha seemed not to affect specularity by default.
Make sure your shadow receiver can receive shadows (Material>Shadow>Receive Transparent)
Try Raytraced transparency.
If using environment lighting, I think it has to be Approximate not raytraced and your alpha material set to ignore that for shadows (material>shadow>uncheck cast approx).