Mesh has blue edges/ Moves in Tiles

I currently hae a problem with my Vegeta model… For some reason, when I select my face mesh, it is divides into several little objects with blue lines, as seen here

As you can see there are blue lines, which wouldn’t bother me if there wasnt that one problem… Im trying to make key shapes for the mouth right niw, but when I set proportional setting to “Connected”, it acts like different Meshes…

As you can see the Edges are somehow now connected… I tried using other proportional settings, but it just doesn’t fit for shaping a mouth… The model itself is completely symetrical, I really don’t want to mess around with it any more… Is there a way to fix these Blue edges and move them as One Mesh? Thanks…

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  2. You can post pictures here, click “Go Advanced” button to upload pictures, much better than using GOKW websites.

  3. Read this:

Blue edges simply mean sharp edges, you must have set them to be sharp edges, assuming you made the mesh?

Herewith the manual pages:

Cheers, Clock.