Mesh imported with UV already Unwrapped question ..

Hi Guys,

I am looking at doing a Machinima using the game engine for Dragons Age from Bioware / EA. DA comes with a comprehensive toolset for modding / level editing and creating cutscenes.

( I wont link to the Bioware forum threads I started, one has to be registered to see them )

Their is also a user project which has created a plugin set for Blender 2.4x.

This allows the extraction of the Meshes in the game from one large file where they are held. The individual meshes have the .msh file type.

Once one found the mesh this blender plugin also allows one to import the mesh INTO Blender. Works like a dream.

Two other large data file contain the textures in different resolutions. These extract as .DDS files.

A useful other tool called DATOOLS.exe allows one to view the models in DA on a turntable and shows you the texture used.

OK … thats the quick background, now a question:

After a bit of asking around at the DA Forums it turns out the DA Meshes import to Blender ALREADY UNWRAPPED. So, to apply the appropriate DDS Texture you just add a new texture to the mesh … thats it.

However, seeming the mesh is already unwrapped … How does one “extract” the already unwrapped UV?



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Shur once one goes into EDIT Mode with the mesh, then to the UV/Image Editor - the UV is there unwrapped for one to save.

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