Mesh is scaling down when rotating bone problem

Hello, ive been trying to rig my character for about a week now and i have constantly had to rerig over and over,but i just cant figure out my problem. When i move my bone it always:

  1. makes the mesh not move with the bone
    2. scales down when i rotate

        :<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/0/a022b52b698ac8e90e05908a44a137cdf49f9ad7.jpg" width="500" height="500"><br/>

Please post the .blend, can’t tell much from one picture…


Are any of your bones scaled along one axis only?

I had an issue in the past which related to the fact that child bones inherit the scaling factor of their parents but the scaling is applied in the local coordinates of the scaled parent bone.

Say you have two bones, A and B. They look like this:
Say A is the parent of B and that they’re pointing along the y axis.

If you scale bone A along the y axis only, you get this:

Now, if you rotate B, it will appear to shrink. Like this:

Bone B will have returned to its normal length because it is scaled in the y direction of its parent.

Wait! could it be doing this because i used the rigify armature and scaled it in object mode? i tried to rig with my own rig and i keep adding modifers and i dont know how,so that made my mesh not follow with the bone good.

Might be due to not applying scale and/or rotate?

And now automatic weights don’t work:

Yeah, I’ve found that scaling either the rig and mesh in object mode can screw you up.

Try and make sure that everything lines up with both objects unscaled. Once everything is rigged and parented etc, you should be free to scale the armature as you like.