Mesh lighting

 Any tips to change blender 2.8 viewport mesh shade like maya 2018 mesh shadeing.i tried studio lighting option in pref but cant get maya like lighting.need help friends.

I don’t know how mesh lighting works in Maya, but you need to use Cycles for mesh lighting. Eevee doesn’t support it.

Sorry i mean viewport mesh look while cg scene.

Screenhots help illustrating what you are after.


How can i edit these setting to improve quality of viewport shade close to maya 2018.

You can edit the studio lighting setups and create new ones there in the Preferences as you found if you want basic lighting.

You should explore all the options in the Shading menu in each of the Workspace display modes.

In Solid mode for example you can also try out the MatCaps:


And in Look Dev mode it uses an HDRI to provide real world lighting. You may want to download the latest 2.80 if yours is more than a day or two old, as the included HDRIs were just updated with improvements.

In short you should be able to set up pretty much any lighting that you can imagine for working in Blender, so it ought to be able to reproduce whatever you’re used to (even if there’s no preset included in the box that does exactly what you want).