Mesh lint addon for Blender 2.8

This great addon is not supported yet in version 2.8, is it? Who has to be contacted to get the job done? Will it come at some cost?


It has been six years since the last change to the original version at:

and the account has not been active on GitHub for some years. There’s a forked version that was updates for 2.77 a couple years ago here:

but someone would need to adopt it and update it for 2.80 as needed.

Feel free to volunteer!

Well there is the Mesh Toolbox for 3d printing that checks bunch of mesh stuff

It should in the 2.8 branch too

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Thank a lot guys, what I miss in the 3d print toolbox is the ‘show non manifold’ option… Maybe the developpers will add that someday…

In edit mode, goto select menu by trait->select non manifold, or type in “select non manifold” on the spacebar menu or F3 in 2.8

Thank you very much!

Hi, I’ve port Mesh Lint to blender 2.80.
Also I fix a problem that was in ver.2.79
You can download it on my Github:
Enjoy it :wink:


Great! Thank you sooooo much

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Thank you soooooooooo much for this port!

I have added two additional checks to the list that I use a lot in retopologizing, they detect 3-valence (N) and 5-valence (E) poles. I find this useful, because those mark edgeloops that cannot easily be dissolved from the mesh otherwise.

To do this, I simply added these two checks:

            'symbol': 'three_poles',
            'label': '3-edge Poles',
            'definition': 'A vertex with 3 edges connected to it. Also known as an N-Pole',
            'default': False
        def check_three_poles(self):
            bad = { 'verts': [] }
            for v in self.b.verts:
                if 3 == len(v.link_edges):
            return bad

            'symbol': 'five_poles',
            'label': '5-edge Poles',
            'definition': 'A vertex with 5 edges connected to it. Also known as an E-Pole',
            'default': False

        def check_five_poles(self):
            bad = {'verts': [] }
            for v in self.b.verts:
                if 5 == len(v.link_edges):
            return bad

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Could you do a Pull request to my Github :
and thx for involved in this dev.

I think i did it. Let me know if I messed anything up, this is my first commit on github.

Not in my fork:

You di it in the original Dev github , but i try my pull long time ago and he never asnwer there…

My bad, I think I attached it to the right one now.

Where do you get meshlint for 2.79 and when did you last update 2.80? Thanks

I made a fork from here and I made my port to 2.80 on 25 april

Version update with your commit , Thx very much.


Thank you SavMartin.

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Fantastic! I am going to see if I can get an exemption for verts on the mirror line to work, too, so they do not get listed under non-manifold and 3-pole. No promises though.

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That is awesome. Thank you very much!

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