Mesh Operations v2.0

Add-on: Mesh Operations v2.0
Creator and Developer: Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Video explaining the add-on:

Also you can see my article about it on my website:

When I realized something was slowing down my workflow, I created the Mesh Operations add-on, which allows you to quickly replace objects. This is Mesh Operations version 2.0, with many new features.

In the first version of Mesh Operations, an object could only be replaced with a cube or a sphere. However, now in version 2.0, you have a lot more options. Objects can now be replaced by many other types of objects including grids, icospheres and cones. Now, there are shortcuts for adding and removing a bevel modifier, and for unsubdividing a mesh. There is also a feature which is a quick shortcut to adding a plane with a particle system. This can be useful if you want to quickly make a plane with a particle emitter to use for simulations or to make use of strand particles for something like a grass field. This version of the add-on works in Blender versions 2.9 and over (including the newly released Blender 2.92).
I made the add-on available for free on my website. Just make sure to credit me as the creator/developer and add my website if you are going to distribute it anywhere else.