mesh reacting exaggeratedly to armature pose

Dear All,

In the attached .blend file, you can see 2 different objects, with their respective armatures, in layer 1 and 2.
In pose mode, if you arrange the first bone of the armature in layer 2, everything works fine: the bones following the one you modified follow the modification (as checked as “inheritance” in the property panel), and the mesh parented to this armature follows.
If you try the same with the armature in layer 1, the bones following the one you modified also inherit the modification… but something different happens: the parented mesh seems to react “exaggeratedly” to the deformation, as if the rotation (for example) was applied repeatedly also to all the other bones placed downstream to the one you rotated. And you can see the mesh going far from the armature!

I can’t understand what I did to obtain this behaviour. Can you help me out?

Thank you in advance!


StrangeRigging.blend (469 KB)

I haven’t d/l’d the .blend yet, but a common cause for this is having two Armature modifiers on the stack for the object having the problem.

You are exactly right, Chipmasque!!!
…it was that.
Thank you very much for your support!