Mesh resize when rendered?

Hi everybody,

I just upgraded to Blender Version 2.78b and I ran into this problem. Note this may not be related to the version change but I have never seen this before and I have been working with Blender for several years.

Attached is a blend file to demonstrate the problem:

In the file I have a chain link that has an Array Modifier and a Curve Modifier. In 3D view this looks fine. The chain follows the curve and is sized appropriately. But when I change the method of display in 3D mode to Render from Solid, the Chain Links grow in size (puffed up cartoonish appearance). This also happens when I hit F12 to render the scene. Return to 3D view and all is well! Weird.

Any assistance that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


The material assigned texture is set to displace the geometry.

Oh crap - thanks!