Mesh sculpt symmetry not working? it doesn't respect the mesh local direction

i already messed around with the mesh symmetry settings and nothing works.

and i tried
the “apply all transforms” too

–i need it on this angle because the reference head is facing at a certain angle.

I could not really see the “angle” but the symmetry option work on the axis AFAK so you have to rotate you reference accordingly… and it has to be symmetrical at start with the center in X in you example…

( seems to be also not a regular (ico)sphere you are using so it may be just unsymmetric ? … so maybe try Editmode → Mesh → Symmetrize… ??)

I agree. It seems like something is off when trying to sculpt or sculpt vertex paint using symmetry or tilling options.

I forgot how i fixed it or if i did anything specific to fix it all sometimes blender does some weird with the direction the sculpt is following it did this to me for some other sculpt too. but as you can see in the new gif ive uploaded its fixed i dont know how or what i did :frowning: sorry for any1 trying to figure out this shot too

here its fixed.

It’s not ideal, but you can always have an untransformed linked duplicate (alt+D) of the object for sculpting, and the “oriented” version for reference.