Mesh separates from Armature and warps when trying to use Path

Hello all, I seem to be running into a problem where I have my completed mesh and armature set to follow a Path, and when I try to set the Evaluation Time to follow the Path, the mesh becomes terribly warped and is set to a position linearly far back from the Path, and the armature is no longer aligned with the mesh and is also set between the beginning of the Path and the warped-up mesh. Being fairly new, I have no idea what might be causing this or how to fix it. Can anyone help me out?

I have attached images of before and after I set the Evaluation Time.


you may have to upload a .blend file so people can look at it in Blender

Is the mesh parented to hte armature as an object? It should be

Unfortunately I the file keeps giving me and error when I try to upload it. I believe the mesh is parented to armature correctly… When I parented it I was able to select “with Automatic Weights” and then I animated it. Also, I’ve had another problem where I need to rotate a new mesh in the scene so that it’s the opposite direction, but again the mesh is being warp. D:

just clicking “automatic weights” is not enough. It must also be parented as an object

Alright, lemme see if that’ll fix it.