Mesh To Bezier?

I know it’s possible to use curve tools to convert a curve to a mesh, and even back into a curve again, but I can’t find any way to turn a bunch of points duplicated from a mesh into a curve.

What I’m trying to do is have a railway line run on a landscape. I’d like to extrude the profiles of the rails along a curve that clings to the ground-mesh, and I could do that with a minimum of difficulty if I couldmake my curve from points duplicated out of the mesh…if that makes it any clearer…

Select the verts in Edit mode and press Y >> Split, P >> Seperate Selected. That’ll make it a new Object. Select that new object (rail) with RMB, goto Edit mode and run the Script “Edges to Curve” from the Mesh menu or from the Scripts Window.


Genius. Thank you!

That is really useful, you just helped me to solve a different problem I had!

I concur. genius. :slight_smile: