Mesh to Hair with Geometry Nodes

Update: the article is now over on 80 Levels

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Noding Process


Amazing ! Thanks a lot for providing all that information and even some .blend !
Iā€™m not into making hairs right now but this is already very inspirational and Iā€™m sure a lot of people will have a blast with that technique !

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Awesome work, mate. Thanks so much. Any chance we can use this with mesh strips for braids and braided hair on head scalps? :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, so great! Thanks a lot for this!

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This is awesome! Thanks for the breakdown.

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Should be possible. Though I would imagine curve guides will be the better way forward for braids.

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Hi, I am trying out the geometry nodes in a new project file and I am noticing this:

Any chance you might know why?

Thanks for sharing the original blender file :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

EDIT: No worries. Fixed it. It was from the way I modeled the hair mesh.

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