Mesh to volume and exporting to a VDB file?

Well…mesh to volume is cool and all that, but this volume modifier doesn´t have a VDB cache to save out, at least not in blender 2,91 alpha

Anyone who knows if the absolute latest builds have implemented that?
I would like to give it a go and check how a mesh to volume would look like as vdb in another software.

version: 2.91.0 Alpha, branch: master, commit date: 2020-10-17 21:36, hash: f425f40c4e17, type: Release
build date: 2020-10-17, 23:08:35

A saver like Lightwave has would be great, I would like to have the option to save out these blender mesh to volume to VDB files for Lightwave…when I need it, currently the VDB builds in blender are so unstable.

Sample image, nodal vdb control and vdb saver, from a displaced sphere mesh, to mesth to volume and saved out for import to blender, that works nicely, but no option currently in blender it seems to export A vdb result from mesh to volume, unless I have missed it?