Mesh unwrap doesn't seem to be working properly...

As you can see in the attached example image, the unwrap isn’t peserving the aspect ration porportions of the various sides of this example object, so when texture is applied to the mesh, it is distored accordingly. Is there some setting I need to adjust so the aspect ratio, etc. for the unwrap faces is correct? I’m using 2.66 64 bit version of Blender.

Any help or guidance any of you can offer is greatly appreciated.

(BTW, this is my first post to this forum, so I am a total newbie :wink:


You most likely scaled your object in object mode rather than in edit mode. This will change the object scale value for the axes you changed. If you look in the properties panel (shortcut N) you will see the scale for each axis. You can clear the scale by selecting your object in object mode and use Ctrl+A / Scale. Then unwrap again and you should see the correct face proportions. If you scale your object in Edit mode this will not be necessary as this does not affect the object scale.

Thanks a lot Richard, I appreciate your instructions.