MeshCache Modifier--SpeedTree Export Method to Blender

I am trying to get very realistic wind animations in trees and so far SpeedTree has been the best solution (as far as I know). However, Alembic files must be kept under 2GB or else Blender crashes.

I need my wind animation to be approx 1min so using Alembic is not possible. I have turned to using .FBX and am then putting the MeshCache modifier on the imported tree in Blender. This makes the viewport playback extremely slow, and the PC2 cache data is huge on the disk.

Is there a better way to get my animation from SpeedTree into Blender? Everything runs so smoothly in real-time within the SpeedTree software.

Also, is there a way to loop the MeshCache modifier data? or bake it somehow so it runs more smoothly.

Thank you!!!