Meshes + stencil

I’ve created a very simple ground landscape material using two textures (grass and dirt) mixed by a stencil, as explained here (…xture-stencils)

It looks nice, but I’m considering the idea of using a mesh of grass patch. The question is: is there a way to use a stencil to define the regions in which the mesh must be shown?
The idea is to array the grass patch mesh all over the landscape and then to apply the stencil (or in general a black/white texture) to define the regions in which the mesh shall be shown and those in whiche it shall not. Maybe a sort of multiplier acting on the mesh Z-axis :confused:

Add a texture to a particle system and set the relevent influence (density/length etc) to control the grass appearance and location.

Yes, thank you Richard, as a matter of fact I forgot to specify that I know that it’s possible to do the job using particles, but I would like to learn a way (if it exists) to do the same thing on meshes.