Meshes to objects

So if I have a mesh, I can select some vertices and I can seperate them using Mesh>Vertices>Seperate and divide my mesh in two. Ok. But suppose I want to make my divided mesh into two seperate objects with two different names. The seperation function will create two meshes from one, but in Object mode, they are still the same object. In other words, I have to select both meshes and not a divided part.

What I’m trying to do is with a mesh, I want to divide it and apply a deform to one half and not the other.

This leads me on to a related question - Suppose I have a long mesh, a cylinder, and I want to apply a curve deform to one half of it, but not the other half. Is there a technique other than seperating I could use?

That is incorrect. Mesh > Vertices > Separate (or the “P” key for short) creates two separated objects. If the first one was named “mymesh” the second will be called “mymesh.001”. Hit N key in object mode to bring up a panel and rename them.

I don’t quite follow your second question.

For your second question, you can add a vertex group to your cylinder with the vertices you want to get deformed and put the name of this vertex group into the VGroup field in the Curve modifier.