Meshroom Mushroom


(nomelif) #1

A little while ago I heard of Meshroom. Photoscanned shrooms on the way home.

(alf0) #2

nice work,
these little things on the left looks like potatos
did you use SSS on this ??
it looks organic !!!

(nomelif) #3

Thanks. They kinda do, but they are just the younger forms of the mushroom. (The exact species is coprinus comatus, As for sss, yes, I used the sss from the principled bsfd.

(alf0) #4

we have one like thouse, in my grandma house, some of thim actually smell stinky !!!

(Oskar-A) #5

Nice but the focal point is a bit oddly chosen. I feel like I need to clean my glasses.