Mess Up Trolls Animation

Hey Everyone,

Here is a link to view a video I made for my kids. I created these creatures called the “Mess Up Trolls” who come and take all the toys they leave all over the floor. Well, after my kids stopped believing in them, I made this video to ‘prove’ that they are real…

Most of the video’s I make for work at more graphical, and character animation is fairly new to me. I’d love some constructive feedback from some people who know animation.

Who knows, maybe I’ll turn these guys into something down the line. While talking about them with my kids, I’ve managed to create a whole mythology around the creatures.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to reading your feedback!

I would have put more effort into the expression of the face of the trolls when they were spotted. Think about your facial expression when you are surprised. Moving limbs can be learned after a while, but facial expressions are very difficult to master. Everything else is fine.