Message board logo!

Is it me or does this forum need to be themed a bit?
Surely this -> at least can be changed to represent blender artists better!


your new here so i wil go easy… they are making a new theme, it should be up soon… give it time


Aaaahhhh… ok, cool. It just seemed a bit wierd for a web site about the art work of it’s users was left unskinned.

So… I will wait!

Yeah, a new theme is on the way.
But really…how long have they been working on it? A few months?

I guess even just changeing the logo would help. :smiley:

i thought that they would have at least changed the logo and maybe a little of the color scheme to match, nothing fancy. im starting to think that we will be stuck with this forever :frowning:

I fergot about the new theme. I got use to this.

it takes really long to make it.

but the guy making it has a life so he can’t only be working on that. anyway… I hope itis coming soon

I think the B in Blender artist should have the Blender logo and have the common Blender logo colors. Or they could do something different and have a retro futuristic look saying ‘Blender is the future’

but the guy making it…

Wha? One guy? There must be a billion people on this site with nothing to do concidering the pace of the wip, critique, and finished forums! I’d imagine people would pitch in if a thread was created for it.

no point in that. If I remember timothy is doing it. not sure but I think it is him. it will be done. just give him time.

Timothy is the creator of this forum and has the final say in all what happens to this forum (and site), and he will release the new design in public when he has time.

Trust me, it will come, as I already know how the new design look like :slight_smile:

There are more to life than just developing a forum. Be happy you have a forum like this. :wink:


ah ok… I was going to offer assistance, but if it is already pipelined then cool!