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(HpyGoCrazy) #1

I appreciate the effort put into this web protal. I felt lost without a connection to my favorite community. But I have one small problem with these message boards.

The problem is that I keep seeing the same messages appear over and over again at the top of the message list. It’s like if someone adds a comment to a post the message then gets updated and it moves toward the top as if it is a new post.

I liked the NAN BBs because only the new messages appear at the top and not the updates ones. I keep getting fustrated because I keep reading the same messages over and over again.

Could these messages be ordered by the date of the original post and not the most current post to that message. If enough people agree with me then maybe it should be changed otherwise I’ll go with what is setup now.


(A2597) #2


Someone spends WAAAYYYYY to little time at other sites. I always hated the boards because topics NEVER got bumped, making it impossible to find one.


All other forums on the net, PHPBB, UBB, VBB, Iconboard, EXBoard, etc, allll have topic bumping. :slight_smile:

(blenderanim) #3

I like the topics moving to the top. It is easy to find topics that have new messages.

It would be great if there was a “go to first unread post” tab. That would make it easier to read new posts without having to scroll through what has already been read.