Messed render

recently I’ve started learning Blender . . . I’m not going to write an essay here . . . I’ve got a problem.
I started texturing model of guitar I made, everything goues ok, texture looks good in texture mode, but when I want to render it, the texture just messes up. I have no idea what is wrong (yeah I know I’am beginner).
Here is how the model looks in texture mode:

And here is what it looks like rendered:

can anybody help me ?

No blend file supplied so we can only use guesswork
Do you have any object that are hidden in the viewport but still set to be renderable ? - check the outliner

Here is the blend file, but I suppose there are no other objects except the lights and camera


guitar.blend (2.78 MB)

If you have issues with image textures, it is necessary that you pack the texture files into the .blend file before uploading (File > External Data > Pack all into Blend) - otherwise we don’t know what you’re working with.

However, in your case the problem is the use of wrong texture mapping coordinates. You have set the texture to use “Generated” coordinates, but you obviously want to use UVs instead:

Oh silly me, thank you :slight_smile: I’ve still got a lot of things to learn.

Consider this problem solved.